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Which perks and benefits do I get with a paid Flaviar membership?
Which perks and benefits do I get with a paid Flaviar membership?
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Flaviar is primarily a place for like-minded people, who either love tasting new spirits or are just starting to explore. We’re here to help you eventually build an amazing home bar.

To help you learn and explore, paid Members receive:

  • access to a ton of content, detailed distillery and bottle profiles, and in-depth articles on Flaviar Times

  • easy access to member reviews and Flavor Spirals for 20,000 products

  • Tokens that can be used to claim complimentary full-size bottles or Tasting Boxes* (Legacy memberships only)

  • Priority customer support so you're always served first

We also developed a few cool tech features for our Members, like the FlavorMatch algorithm which learns your likes and dislikes and provides recommendations accordingly.

Then when you’re ready to buy, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • up to 40% savings on full-size bottles and special pricing on Tasting Boxes™

  • early access to always sold-out premium Tasting Boxes™ such as the Whiskey Advent Calendar

  • once a month we open The Vault, a selection of ultra-rare collector’s products

  • Flaviar’s own private bottlings and special editions such as Dear, Bear & Moose, Son of a Peat, Frérot, Larga Vida, Shakmat, and Corn Trooper

  • free shipping** on select bottles

But that is not all. We also throw member-select events. Nowadays, we organize online tasting events, where members can taste spirits in the comfort of their own homes under the guidance of a spirit expert. We do our best to make these educational as well as entertaining.

You can monitor the status of your membership and available benefits by navigating to "Manage your Membership" on the top-right corner of this page.

We work hard to constantly expand your membership experience and offer thrilling new ways to enjoy the world of Spirits. Exciting new things are just around the corner so stay tuned!

*The number of tokens you receive depends on your Membership type. Please consult your Membership Page while logged into your Flaviar account to see your available benefits.
**Legacy members will continue to enjoy unlimited free shipping on qualifying orders.

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