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Can I purchase the Flaviar subscription as a gift?
Can I purchase the Flaviar subscription as a gift?
Updated over a week ago

Yes! The Flaviar subscription can be wrapped up and purchased as a gift—so much better than just picking up a bottle of something for the Spirits lover in your life!

Visit this page to purchase a Whiskey Gift Subscription and send a loved one on a bewildering journey through the world of fine spirits! The Flaviar Subscription also makes for an excellent business gift to seal a deal or celebrate a partnership.

Within minutes of your purchase, you get an email including a virtual gift card.

The subscription starts when the secret code from the gift card is used by the gift recipient to activate their subscription. They can do so here.

The gift card won't expire anytime soon, so the recipient has plenty of time to claim their gift, while you can do your shopping waaaay in advance. No need to postpone the purchase until just before the occasion, although that works too!

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