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Do you sell rare bottles?
Do you sell rare bottles?
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We do! You'll find some in our store, but for the most eager of you, we unseal The Vault for a few days each month and give you access to our private collection of some of the rarest, most coveted and unobtainable spirits. No one gets an unfair advantage and there is no hidden stock. After all, even the rarest of spirits deserve to be tasted and shared.

While we’d like to make these highly sought-after bottles available to all of our customers, The Vault is reserved for Flaviar members with a paid membership only. One more (excellent) reason to join the club if you haven’t already!

How will you know when The Vault is opened? We’ll announce it via email and social media. Make sure we're in your address book and follow us on social media. The only way to ensure you get your hands on one of these beauties is by keeping a vigilant eye on new arrivals and acting fast.

Visit The Vault or browse for highlights from past Vault editions if it is currently closed.

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