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How does shipping work?
How does shipping work?
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Products are shipped via courier services, or, in a rare case–when a product you purchase is only available with one of our international partners–via postal services.

We require that a person of legal drinking age signs for the product. Also, deliveries usually happen during business hours. In light of this, we strongly suggest using a work address if possible.

In case of a failed delivery attempt, the carrier will leave a door tag notifying you that was attempted. From then, delivery options vary depending on the carrier. Make necessary arrangements with the carrier service to ensure delivery or pickup at the nearest depot before the shipment is returned. In such , the shipping costs may be your responsibility.

Please note that delivery to PO Box and APO/FPO addresses is not possible. Since we are not able to guarantee exact delivery dates, we do not accept liability for costs associated with shipping to temporary locations (hotels, holiday homes, etc.) in case of failed deliveries.

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